Book Care Tips:

  • Overdue Library Books!                                                                                                                        Yes, we have thousands of library books, but books still need to be returned in an acceptable and in a timely manner. Please keep books in a safe place; preferably a dry, spill-proof backpack. Then return the books when they are due. If the book has been lost or damaged beyond repair, please pay the fine in the office.

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  •                   Five Finger Test    iiiii       

    1. Pickup a "Search Ticket"
    2. Search for a book
    3. Select a book
    4. Open the book to any page and begin reading that page
    5. Each time a word is unknown/unrecognized or missed, you put up one finger.
    6. If five fingers are up, indicating five words were missed on that page;
    7. The book is too difficult for you to read, place it on the proper cart.
    8. Continue to search for another book.
    9. Repeat the Five Finger Test" until you have less than five fingers up.           { i    ii      iii     iiii     iiiii   } 
    10. You will have selected a book that you will be able to read most or all of the words.    


                                                     Happy Reading


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