Welcome the Robinson Academic League Page!


    Our first practice and team organizational meeting will be in the library on Monday, September 17, from 3:20 to 5:00.  Practices will be almost every Monday and Wednesday (that school is in session) from 3:20-5:00.  Team members must be picked up or walk home at 5:00.

    Our first match, a practice game, will be Thursday, November 1.  The regular season begins November 8, and games will be on Thursdays after that.  Matches start at 3:45pm and go until about 5:15pm.  The regular season runs November 8, 2018, through January 31, 2019.


    What the Matches Look Like:

    • First Quarteris called "Round-a-Bout.”  The questions are asked to each member of the team in turn.  Correct answers are worth two points.  If the team answers incorrectly, the question goes to the other team for a one-point steal and possession of a three-question sequence.
    • Second Quarteris called "Teamwork".  In this round, players work together to answer questions in one minute.  Up to 25 multi-faceted questions are posed to both teams.  Correct answers are worth three points.
    • Third Quarteris the problem-solving quarter.  Each team is presented with a real-life problem.  The teams are divided into groups of 5 to 10.  The presentations last three to five minutes and are evaluated by the judges.
    • The Fourth Quarteris called one-on-one.  This is the fastest-paced quarter, and the lead may change several times.  If both teams fail to answer the question, it goes to a "free for all" and any team member may buzz in.