Volunteering @WPSBrooks

  • It's all mentoring! Whether you chose to tutor math or reading, help with homework, experiment with STEM, or participate in a variety of other activities; it all falls under the umbrella of mentoring! Tell us what you want to do!

    Our Mentoring program takes place during lunch/recess. After school we offer homework help 



    Tutors and Mentors are needed the following times:

    Lunch: Mon-Fri  11:00-11:43 & 11:48-12:31  (sign up for either time or stay for both lunch periods)!

    After school: Mon, Tues & Thurs, anytime between 2:20 & 4:10.


    There are three steps to becoming a volunteer tutor/mentor:

    1. Fill out the online Brooks Mentoring form at the right.

    2. Attend a training

    Upcoming Training Dates / RSVP to jhawks@usd259.net

    Wednesday, Sept 4, 2019, 1:30 @ WSU, Clinton Hall room 204 (rsvp to em above in case of changes)

    Friday, Sept. 6, 2019, 1:00, room 150A, Brooks Library


    3. Fill out Volunteer Registration Form at the right for background check. This is an online form.


    Brooks Students:

    Sign up for lunch time mentoring with the pink sheet. Lunch time matches are a weekly appointment you need to keep. A pass will be sent to you each time.  You can also make requests directly to Mrs. Hawks (email above).

    Sign up for after school mentoring with the green sheet. After school is a “come when you need to” program. No reminders/passes sent. YOU need to be responsible to come when you should.

    Forms are located on the “Information Station” bulletin board by the APs’ office.

  • Joni Hawks