Sowers Library

Sloths rock!
  • Welcome to the Sowers AHS Library!

    We have a wide variety of books, fiction and informational.  If you like Manga/Anime, we have books for you.  If you like serious books, we have that covered.  If you like books that make you laugh, we can hook you up with one.  Students and teachers are welcome to visit during the day, but please have your teacher call to make sure I'm not teaching.

  • My name is Dina LeHane, and I am the librarian at Sowers AHS.  I am available to help you in all your reading needs, and know of a great number of authors and the types of books they write.  Please come see me when your teacher or para can bring you!  By the way, the photo is not of me.  It is a lovely three toed sloth, or Mona Lisa sloth for its lovely smile.  Learn more about sloths here: Sloth Institute