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    Front Row: Julie Bogner, Kimme Whittemore, Kristen Shelton, Casey Jensen, Brenda Hauff

    Second Row: Michael Williams, Rob Nevarez, Michelle Phillips, Logan Caywood 


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  • Jardine Exploratory Team

    Here are the amazing Fine Arts options your child can explore here at Jardine:

    Choir - Jardine offers a chorus for each grade level that meets everyday. In addition to regulary scheduled concerts, there are opportunites to perform in emsembles and solos, fostering the personal growth of children through meaningful experiences in music education and vocal performances. 

     Physical Education - PE classes focus on team, individual, and lifetime activities. The main goal of this class is for students to realize how important being physically active is. Also, to find an activity which will keep them active throughout their lifetime. 

    Technology 1 - This is a 9 week class for 6th graders. The students learn and master the alphabetic keyboard and basic keyboard commands. The students also learn basic formatting, formulas, charts, and graphs in Microsoft Word and Excel. Students learn to design a part in the computer aided design software, Inventor, as well as print their own part on a 3D printer. 

    Technology 2 -This is a semester Project Lead the Way class for 7th graders. The students will continue building speed and accuracy on the alphabetic keyboard. The students will create, scale, and dimension orthographic and isometric sketches, as well as design parts in the computer aided design software, Inventor. Students will design their own part to print on a 3D printer. 

    Technology 3 - This is semester Project Lead the Way class for 8th garders. The students will continue building speed and accuracy on the alphabetic keyboard. The students will design electric keyboards to test and troubleshoot. Students will design and build robots using computer aided design software, Inventor. Students will program their robots using coding software, RobotC, to move their robots autonomously. 

    Leadership - The focus of Leadership is developing good citizenship and patriotism, developing self-reliance, leadership, and responsiveness to constituted authority, and improving the ability to communicate well both orally and in writing. 

    Instrumental Music - Students learn how to read music and become proficient in the instrumen they choose to play. In 7th and 8th grade, the students continue to focus on building those fundamental skills, gaining more technical abilities and musical understanding. All along the way, students develop important skills such as teamwork and cooperation, communication to peers and adults, leadership, attention to detail, discipline, focus towards a long term goal, humility in success and failure, and how to build life-long relationships and friendships. 

     Art - What is art? Why do people make it? How do they use it? Who are the famous artists? Why are they famous? What about buildings or claypots - are they works of art? Do all works of art have a meaning? These questions don't always have easy answers, but they ignite a spark of curiosity to find answers and to ask more questions! Making art is the best part of Art class! We start with building blocks of art, referred to as: Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Add in imagination and the fun begins! 

    STEM Lab - An advanced project based learning environment that focuses on STEM career opportunities. STEM: science, technology, enginerring, and mathematics exploration through diverse student based learning labs and modules. 

Team Announcments

  • The Jardine Exploratory team is now implementing our Signature Unit. The unit will focus on exploring careers through fine arts. The connections will be made throughout the unit using various research methods that range from research projects to guest speakers! In every Fine Arts class, students will be exposed to potential careers that they can relate to and would possibly want to pursue. Just recently, Ms. Darbyshire, the Vocal Music teacher, had members of the hit musical, Wicked, come to her classroom and work with her students! Keep checking back for more updates!!

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