• Hadley families 

    We want to thank all of our students and staff who were able to adapt to the changes to our school day.  On Thursday morning, we were made aware of a vague post on social media that included the name Hadley in the screen name, but did not mention Wichita. Our school has received no threats, but out of an abundance of caution to ensure students and staff safety, we had our school in lockdown while Wichita Police, BOE security and school Administrators investigated. A student was removed from class for questioning about the origin of the social media post.  The post was a picture that has been online since 2012 and was not a current picture taken here at Hadley.  Students and staff stayed locked down as a precaution and were not released for lunch. We had students eat in their classrooms and as soon as it was deemed safe were allowed to have restroom breaks with the help of support staff.

    We worked closely with the Wichita Police Department, BOE security and district Administration on the investigation. While they found no immediate threat to Hadley, we have identified the individuals who were responsible for the social media post and they will face criminal charges and disciplinary action.

    I want to thank those who came forward with the information so we could investigate and keep Hadley safe. Please remind your child when they “See Something, Say Something,” because we take school safety very seriously.  Parents, continue to remind your students that what they post on social media will be with them for life. Encourage them to think carefully about what they post, and how those posts will reflect on their future.  In addition, remind students of our school cell phone and backpack policies to help keep students safe during the school day.  We will have some talking points tomorrow morning during students Check & Connect class to give students and staff the opportunity to process their thoughts, feelings and facts of the events from Thursday and how we can continue to work together to maintain a safe learning environment here at Hadley.

    We will remain vigilant as we always are, keeping the safety of our students and staff as our top priority.

    I appreciate your support of Hadley, and I look forward to seeing all of our students again this week!

    Mr. Stubbs, Principal

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