• 5th Grade Team

    Welcome to the 5th grade team of Dr. Laura and Ms. Gill.  Our goal is to help our students build confidence and become successful in their academics.  

  • Dr. Laura McLemore

         In my classroom we combine learning and hard work with fun. We don't just learn the facts, we learn how to take what we know to new heights. In past years we've investigated how plants grow, what archaelologists do, and how roller coasters work by building our own. 

         Because I believe that reading is the foundation of learning we also read, read, and read some more. Each year I choose a variety of novels for our reading core and we explore each novel through a variety of activities. 

         I've been an educator for three decades including 10 years at the college level teaching folks to be teachers, 9 years as a principal, and the rest in 3rd through 8th grades. I have degrees from Friends University and Kansas State University as well as licensure programs from Baker and Newman universities.



    Cleaveland Traditional

    College and Career Readiness Magnet






  • Ms. Gill

    In my classroom students will find creative learning, rigorous academics and a safe environment to explore. My students take their curiosity for learning and demonstrate their new knowledge throug various activities and 21st Century technological productions.

    I enjoy teaching all subjects and delight in showing the students how all academics are intertwined. Students learnd that reading is the key to success and develop a love for reading through a variety of genres whichh we discover through book studies throughout the year. Math, history, and science are taught through hands-on exploration and project-based activities centered on the different genres we are reading.

    Cleaveland has been my home for the past ten years. I have taught second, fouth, and fifth grades. Wichita State University and Southwestern are my alma maters.


    ~ "Children are the world's most valuable resource adn its best hoope for the future"

         --John F. Kennedy