•  6th Grade Student of the Month

    David Bengi is being recognized as student of 6th grade’s August Student of the Month based on the phenomenal work ethic he had over the summer with Garden Club, as well as his positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to help other students. Every day David smiles, greets others, and is ready to learn as soon as class begins. When David sees other students struggling, he reaches out to those students and he helps them get back on track.

    Mr. Hall, who got to know David over the summer during Garden Club,  states, “David Bengi is the type of student we all dream about. You want a student who is selfless, a hard worker, and all around a great person. David then excels beyond that to show other students through his leadership, how to be a proper student and lifelong learner. He always volunteered to do the harder jobs and never complained when others leaned on him heavily to help them out. If we had 100 Davids, this world would be a much better place.”

    The 6th grade team is excited to see all that David will continue to accomplish during his three years at Coleman Middle School.


    7th Grade Student of the Month

    Maritza Rodela is an outstanding student. It is remarkable to see how a student can hang on your words and Maritza heard how everyone said that she has such great potential if she could realize it. Her maturity has brought her to the forefront as one of the better student leaders at Coleman Middle School. Through her selflessness, she has been able to manager her own course load in my science class and still maintained to help out our more needier students. She says kind things about her peers and teachers and is always ready to lend a helping hand. I have not met many students that have impressed me more than she has in these first 3 weeks. I look forward to her continued growth and only help this recognition goes to show her how much I care and respect her as a student leader.


    8th Grade Student of the Month

    Bruce Dykes is Coleman’s 8th grade Student of the Month. 

    Mr. Dykes comes to class prepared and ready to learn.  He follows school rules and is not a disruption.  He is a positive influence because he is prepared when he comes to class; he sits quietly and work on his bell work or he waits patiently for instructions; he gets along well with peers and he carries himself in a respectful manner.  Mr. Bruce Dykes is a model 8th grader who is on time to class, prepared for learning, respectful  and courteous to everyone.


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