• Every Student - Future Ready Strategic Plan

    Every Student Future Ready

    On December 11, 2023, the Board of Education finalized the updated 5-year strategic plan, which will guide the work of WPS through 2029. 

    In July 2023, the Wichita Board of Education asked Superintendent Kelly Bielefeld to develop an updated 5-year Strategic Plan, building on the success of the 2018-23 Strategic Plan.  WPS held 13 listening sessions and gathered online feedback from hundreds of stakeholders to help shape the new plan.

    Based on the feedback: 

    The Student Success Outcomes show WPS will thrive in innovative and impactful educational communities that:

    Increase academic achievement and graduation rate    Prepare students for life, college and career success    Create and enhance safety and belonging

    • Increase academic achievement and graduation rate

      • Increase graduation rate from 79.2% to 85% by 2029.
    • Prepare students for life, college and career success

      • The number of students earning five or more post-secondary assets, prior to graduation, will reach at least 50% by 2029.

    • Create and enhance safety and belonging

      • Increase the number of students that feel connected to their school from __% to 90% by 2029. (Base number to be determined)

    The lead measures to support the Student Success Outcomes, action plans and how to monitor the goals will be confirmed during Spring 2024.

    Watch a wrap-up video of the 2018-23 Strategic Plan and our look ahead to the next 5 years.