• Inspired to Thrive and Become Future Ready


    Student success is the singular focus of the Wichita Public Schools as the Every Student Future Ready strategic plan aims to inspire every student to thrive and become future ready. What does this mean? Over the next five years, the WPS community will be laser-focused on delivering innovative and impactful educational experiences that ensure all of our graduates are ready for LIFE, COLLEGE and CAREER. We know that our students today are the community's leaders, workers and volunteers of tomorrow. The success of our district's students goes hand in hand with the success of our community's future!


    Approved by the Wichita Board of Education in December 2023, the Every Student Future Ready plan lays out a clear path for how success will be achieved and measured over the next five years, with explicit interim measures being developed this spring. Students, and the educators who inspire them, are at the heart of this bold plan for success.


  • Student Success Outcomes - Our Data Dashboard


    Student success will be measured in three key outcome areas:


    1. Increase academic achievement and graduation rate.
    2. Prepare students for life, college and career success.
    3. Create and enhance safety and belonging.


    Progress will be measured through explicit outcomes, as well as lead measures that assure we are moving in the right direction. For more on our success indicators, visit the strategic plan data dashboard.



  • Shared Beliefs


    No other learning environment in Kansas prepares students to be SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE, and ready for a community and a society that is enriched by the many unique voices learning and teaching in the Wichita Public Schools. The Board of Education adopted six shared beliefs that form the foundation of every action we take to support this work. 

  • Student Success

  • Safety and Belonging

  • Family and Community Collaboration

  • Visionary Leadership

  • Common Good

  • Equity and Diversity

  • Vision


    The Wichita Public Schools will be the premier district of choice, and inspire each student and staff member to thrive and become future ready within the greater community.





    Wichita Public Schools prepares each student to achieve readiness for life, college and career through an innovative and impactful educational experience.