• Bridges Program

    Bridges program places a priority on giving students instruction on how to regulate themselves both socially and emotionally in conjunction with academic curriculum. The program's goal is to close the academic and behavior gap, so students can be reintegrated into a less restrictive environment. Our staff understands trauma may play in role in this gap; thus, they provide students with a new beginning each day, build strong relationships with students, and use positive reinforcement system to motivate behavior change. In addition, outside agencies deliver on-site therapy and case management services to students. 

    Positive Behavior Support

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) focuses on giving explicit instruction in behavior and emotional regulation skills while continuing to work on academic goals. PBS is consist of research-based strategies implemented to increase quality of life and decrease problem behavior by teaching new skills. Staff members work together to assess skill deficiencies and then create plans to rectify these concerns. Students are provided with calm spaces in and out of the classroom. Our staff builds strong relationships with students, uses de-escalation strategies, and sets clear and consistent expectations.  A positive reinforcement system is also used to motivate changes in student behavior.