• Middle School Track Schedule - 2021


    Wednesday April 21st

    Stucky v Robison v CMA @Stucky

    Wilbur v Allison v Brooks @Wilbur

    Coleman v Mead v Curtis @Coleman


    Thursday April 22nd

    Mayberry v Hadley v Truesdell @Mayberry

    Hamilton v H. Mann v Jardine @Coleman

    PV v GPA v Marshall @Wilbur


    Wednesday April 28th

    CMA v Stucky v Allison @Stucky

    Robinson v Brooks v Wilbur @Wilbur

    Hadley v Curtis v Coleman @Hadley


    Thursday April 29th 

    Truesdell v Mayberry v Mead @Truesdell

    Jardine v Hamilton v PV @Coleman

    H. Mann v Marshall v GPA @Wilbur


    Tuesday May 4th 

    Aliison v Wilbur v CMA @Wilbur

    Brooks v Robinson v Stucky @Brooks

    Curtis v Truesdell v Hadley @Truesdell


    Wednesday May 5th 

    Mead v Coleman v Mayberry @Mayberry

    Marshall v PV v Hamilton @Wilbur

    GPA v H. Mann v Jardine @Coleman


    Tuesday May 11th

    Division I @Wilbur (Wilbur host)

    Division II @Truesdell (Truesdell host)

    Division III @Coleman (Hamilton host)


    *High jump begins at 3:45, all other field events begin at 4:00, track events begin at 4:15

    **The first team listed is primary host for the meet.

    The first day of practice will be Monday March 29, 2021