Information on Critical Race Theory

  • Wichita Public Schools strives to prepare all of our student scholars to achieve college, career and life readiness through an innovative and rigorous educational experience. Our school district is committed to ensuring educational equity and excellence, and we believe that every student is entitled to adequate and equitable opportunities, resources, and services. Wichita Public Schools does not teach Critical Race Theory. Our curriculum is research-based and rigorous, and is aligned to the Kansas State Department of Education standards ( 


    To understand what CRT is, Education Week has created a short video that explains this concept.


    To review the district's full statement regarding CRT, please click here.


    Select one of the following to view the official Instructional Unit Guides for the three grade levels in which United States History is Taught: 

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  • What does "Equity" in Education mean? 

    Educational Equity is defined as making decisions strategically based upon the principles of fairness, which includes providing a variety of educational resources, models, programs and strategies according to student needs that may not be the same for every student or school with the intention of leading to equality of academic outcomes

    Vision of Wichita Public Schools Department of Equity, Diversity, and Accountability:

    Wichita Public Schools (WPS) envisions a future in which student outcomes are not predicted by a student’s social factors or challenges.  WPS is committed to ensure equitable and fair educational opportunities for all students by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to equity and fairness across the district by allocating resources fairly and equitably while providing diverse learning opportunities.

    Our Mission Statement:

    WPS will provide equitable access to a high standard of educational success for all students with the intention of closing achievement gaps, opportunity gaps, belonging gaps and graduation gaps, particularly for student groups with the greatest academic and behavior needs.  WPS recognizes that equity does not always mean equality and will establish high standards for all students while providing the opportunities, support, settings and resources needed so all students receive a high-quality education during the time that they are enrolled in the district.

    Based on current achievement gap data, particular attention should be paid to students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, Hispanic, Native American, English Language learners, African Americans, students with disabilities and males of all backgrounds. 


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