• On the Spot Correction: Teachers and staff are the first line of correction for mild student misbehaviors in the school setting. They may verbally or non-verbally cue students into correcting their behavior, privately speak with them about their decision, offer options for acceptable replacement behaviors, reteach and have students practice expectations, remove a privilege, or assign an appropriate mild consequence.

    Safe Seat: The safe seat is a desk or table that is separate from the rest of the class but is still in the classroom. Students may be asked to fill out a reflection form to process and think through their choices. After the students reflect and process with the teacher they rejoin the classroom as usual. This intervention requires no administration involvement.

    Buddy Room: On the occasions that student misbehavior extends beyond the safe seat intervention, they may be removed from the classroom to a “buddy room”. Students will be sent to a neighboring classroom with a packet of work, a buddy room documentation form, and possibly a think sheet to reflect. The buddy room is another classroom in the school and the student will sit in that classroom’s safe seat.  When students are sent to the buddy room, it is an expectation that teachers notify the parent/guardian that his or her child’s behavior was such that it warranted being removed from the classroom for a short time. The teacher may not be able to call that instant but the expectation is that a phone call, email, or other preferred communication is made that day or after school.

    In School Suspension Procedures

    There is a designated In School Suspension room at GPA. At times it will be necessary for the principal to utilize in-school suspension as a disciplinary measure. Assignments to the In School Suspension room can only be designated by an administrator. Teachers and other staff may NOT send students to the In School Suspension room.


    If a student in your class is assigned In School Suspension, it is your responsibility to provide academic work relevant to the content currently taught in your class or relevant make up work.


    Discipline Incident Referral: Infractions, safe seats, and buddy rooms are intended to address minor to moderate infractions. Higher level or more serious incidents will result in other interventions including a discipline incident referral (also called an office referral). Discipline Incident Referrals may be submitted by teachers and staff who witness volatile, unlawful, or dangerous behaviors that substantially disrupt the learning environment. Students may also receive Discipline Incident Referrals for incidents that have been reported, investigated, and determined to be valid by administration. In some cases, students may be asked to wait in the office or another room while an incident is investigated by administration. While we attempt to investigate quickly and minimize the amount of time during the process, students may miss instruction time as a result. It is our expectation that the staff or teachers contact parents/guardians first when they refer a student for a violation. Administration may contact parents/guardians as well if the violation results in an After -School Detention, In-School Suspension, or Out of School Suspension.

    Lunch Detention Procedures

    Students may be assigned lunch/recess detention by an administrator. Those students will report to lunch and sit in the designated detention space for the duration of both lunchtime and recess. They will return to class following the scheduled lunch/recess time.

    Middle School Behavior System:  To account for the increased rigor and expectations of Middle School, our 6th- 8th grade Trailblazers will adhere to a more detailed behavior system as follows:


    Trailblazer Merit Card

    Throughout the year students will have several opportunities to earn rewards and incentives based on positive behavior and our Guidelines for Success.


    Trailblazer Card

    A special ID card earned quarterly that comes with the following privileges and more

    • Weekly Trailblazer time
    • Early lunch pass
    • Locker between classes


    All Achievers

    Celebrating students quarterly for the following accomplishments and more

    • Trailblazer card holders
    • Students with zero demerits
    • Perfect attendance, no tardies

    GPA Incentives

    Rewards earned for showing GPA Pride and more

    • FOCUS Bucks
    • Guessing Jar
    • Free assignment pass


    Trailblazer Merit Card Policy

    1. Students will be issued a Trailblazer card every 9 weeks.
    2. Teachers will track infractions WEEKLY in conjunction with the weekly AVID binder check.
    3. The card will consist of 4 rows and 5 columns (20 total opportunities to correct).
    4. The current system of consequences will continue:


    1st row: after school detention-parent contact and ASD (After School Detention) log

    2nd row: 2 after school detentions-parent contact and ASD log

    3rd row: ISS/parent meeting-teachers call and set up meeting

    4th row: 2 ISS/parent contact (ISS- In School Suspension)


    1. IF a student fills the first card and gets a SECOND Trailblazer card before the end of the nine weeks, he or she will receive an office referral and Administration will determine the consequence.


    1. Missing, lost, defaced cards: Lunch detention held by Middle School teachers and call home to parent.


    1. Students with zero infractions for the first quarter will get a “Blue Trailblazer Card” qualifying them to earn rewards every two weeks for as long as they hold the card. Students may earn the Trailblazer card at the end of every quarter. The Blue Trailblazer card will also make students eligible for special privileges periodically at the discretion of the staff.
    2. Students will hold the Trailblazer card indefinitely unless they fill it with infractions which is only one row of 5 infractions.


    1. Students who forfeit their Trailblazer card will go back to a regular card upon the 5th


    1. Students with 0 demerits on their card at the end of every QUARTER will earn a “Dress to Impress” pass

    Students earn an infraction for any of the following


    1. Inappropriate language or behavior
    2. Non-Compliance
    3. Unauthorized food, gum or drink
    4. Unexcused tardy
    5. Disrespect towards people or property
    6. Unprepared for class
    7. Unsafe behavior
    8. Inappropriate computer use


    Schoolwide Incentive Program 

    Throughout the year students will have several opportunities and various ways to earn rewards and incentives based on positive displays of behavior and our Guidelines for Success.


    FOCUS Bucks:


    • Staff are on the lookout for students actively displaying our Guidelines for Success. Students will be awarded a “FOCUS Buck” ticket for each instance a staff member recognizes the positive behavior.
    • Students can redeem their FOCUS bucks for prizes from the Trailblazer Store.

    All Achievers parties

    • Each quarter, students may be eligible to attend parties for not having any office referrals AND have passing grades in all subjects.

    Classroom Incentives

    • In addition to the schoolwide incentives, teachers often provide their own rewards for positive student behavior within their own classroom. Each teacher’s incentives vary based on their individual classroom management plan.