Welcome to the Buffalo Battalion U.S. Army JROTC

  • The United States Army JROTC mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Southeast's JROTC does have a strong military influence.  The courses are taught by three retired US Army Soldiers with over 60 years of combined experience. The program receives great support from local military recruiting offices and from the Kansas Army National Guard.  Course work in this program includes military history, customs, courtesies, drill and ceremonies, leadership, teamwork, physical fitness and students are required to wear thier uniform once a week.   

    The JROTC Instructors are most proud of teaching the Cadets important life skills.  In the first year, Cadets are exposed to soft skills like, public speaking, interview skills, how to wear a uniform, and followership.  The second year requires Cadets to begin honing in on their leadership skills by leading small groups of their peers.  Oral presentations, project planning, commanding special teams, and increased expectations of discipline are required of third year Cadets.  When a Cadet has been in the program for four years, he/she is expected to lead by example, lead a large group of their peers, and possess the soft skills required to succeed in any career.  

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  • Crest

    This is the official unit crest of Wichita Southeast Goldon Buffalo Battalion.  Black, and white are the school colors. Gold represents excellence, honor and intellect. Black is associated with the cadet’s determination to succeed in all endeavors. White conveys perfection and truth. The quadrants represent four of the JROTC core elements: honor, leadership, professionalism, and officer advancement. The pattern of couped vertical bars characterizes the Alma Mater, in which describes pausing throughout the year to express appreciation for the school. The black and gold circle at center is a representation of placing unity and academics above all. The buffalo is the school’s mascot, suggests tenacity as well as strength of body and character.