Current 6th and 7th grade RAMS, we need you to make your exploratory course selections for next year. 


    Instructions for Guiding Students in Course Selection

    Guiding Students in Course Selection:

    • Students have 2 exploratory classes (periods) within their schedule.
    • Students will choose a combination of either Year or Semester Courses. Which semester is determined by Synergy, so they will not choose a specific semester (1st or 2nd), they will just be choosing a semester course.     



    Check out this short video from all of the Exploratory teachers:

    Robinson Exploratory Video 2020


    Course Descriptions


    Important Tips:

    • Need to pick classes in the order of preference. The first selection should be the class that student wants the most.
    • If currently in Band/Orchestra – student needs to choose that first
    • Students currently enrolled in Band/Orchestra must re-enroll in that course. If they want to drop Band/Orchestra – they need to communicate with the teacher first so the teacher is aware. We can adjust schedule later.
    • If a student has not taken Band/Orchestra – they are not allowed to enroll in Band/Orchestra until they get teacher approval.
    • Students must have taken 7th grade Spanish to enroll in 8th grade Spanish. Any current 6th grader can enroll in 7th grade Spanish.


    Click here to make your Exploratory Selections