• Wanting educational summer activities? Check these out!

    *** If a log in is needed, students can use a Google or Microsoft log in with their school credentials.  Their username is their six digit student ID WITH @usd259.net at the end. Their password is their USD 259 password. ***

    3D Designing: 
    Only needing a browser, start creating your 3D designs using sketchup.com.

     The way computers communicate is through coding. Coding basics are if/then statements.  Using these websites, practice your skills.
    Digital Escape Room: There are K-12 levels of these investigative games. Use the given clues to figure out the answers to the locks.

    Game Creation: Use kodugamelab.com to create games on PC using this simple visual programming tool.

    Music Creation: In musiclab.chromeexperiments, explore, create, & listen to your song.