Photo of shared school supplies, crayons and markers

2020-21 Community Support Options

  • For the 2020-21 school year, all students will need individual supplies. These items will be used in the classroom, as well as for art and music. Traditionally, supplies donated by supporters, brought by families and contributed by teachers were shared among students (particularly at the elementary level).

    Some supplies requested previously will be provided by the district to classrooms, including tissues, sanitizing wipes and binders.

    Community members and businesses can contribute supplies to assist families who aren’t able to purchase all of the items. As of September 15, we have received overwhelming community support and are no longer actively seeking donations of cloth masks, reusable water bottles or individual school supplies. Those still wanting to assist are welcome to make a financial contribution that can help cover the cost of supplies already purchased and/or help us have some reserve to cover unexpected needs that may come up during the school year or as secondary students return to in-person learning at some time this year. 

  • Make a Financial Contribution