Truesdell Athletics Online Registration

    We are excited to announce that we are offering the convenience of online registration for athletic participation forms, through Rank One Sport. All athletes will need to complete the online registration before they can participate in a sport.


    When you register through Rank One, the system keeps track of your information in your Rank One profile. You enter your information only once for each family member for multiple uses and multiple programs. You can complete the registration using a computer or your phone. Please use the updated KSHSAA physical form below to upload to the site.


    Registration Process


    Follow these steps:

    1. To find your program, click on the Rankonesport link above and select parents. Click here
    2. Next click on the online forms, select Kansas, select Wichita Public Schools.
    3. You should be on the Welcome to the Parent Portal, select the Proceed to Online Forms button.
    4. Create New Account. Enter your first name, last name, and email address. You will receive an email to confirm your account.
    5. Search for your student using your students last name and student's ID number.
    6. You can Find Another Student or Start Forms. Select View button to get to the forms.
    7. Select each electronic document and complete it. Both parents and students should sign the forms.
    8. For the physical upload, you can select either a PDF or a picture. Examples are given of what forms need to be uploaded. All physicals must be uploaded.** Using your phone for the physical upload is easier since you just have to take a picture and upload, but you can use either a computer or phone. If using a phone to upload, make sure that you are in the internet browser of the phone and not using the Rank One App.
    9. Complete the six (6) electronic forms by selecting the forms and filling in all the required boxes and signatures.
    10. When each form is completed, it will mark the form as approved. You can come back to your forms using your email and password.


    **Please make sure before you submit, that you check to make sure all athlete and parent signatures are signed.

    Registration Video