Do you already have a device of your own or one of ours? Use these tips to help you log in!

    Tip #1 - Have your student login to our Portal first.  Rapid Identity is the hub for USD 259 educational apps for students. This is where your student will log in to access applications like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 along with other apps- 💻In an internet browser, type portal.usd259.net.  To log into the Rapid Identity portal, students will use their pupil ID number and password.  Click here to see a short how to video.  

    Visit here for more information on how to log in with the following devices:


    💡Microsoft Teams
    Students will log into Teams to attend classes virtually. Access Teams by clicking on the Teams tile through Rapid Identity.  Sign-in using the pupil ID in an email format (Ex. 123456@usd259.net) and password.


    📧Office 365 and Student Email
    Students will have their own email this year. They will access Outlook email through office.com.  Students will find all of the Microsoft applications in the Microsoft O365 tile on the Rapid Identity portal page including student email, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Sign-in using the pupil ID in an email format (Ex. 123456@usd259.net) and password.  If a student is giving someone their email address the format is:  firstname.lastname@students.usd259.net for example john.doe@students.usd259.net.  However, they will always sign in with the pupilID@usd259.net.

    Visit here for more information:


    🚨🚔Help is available!
    Please contact our help desk if you have password or tech issues: (316) 973-4357 or complete the RMS Technology Help Request - Students and Parents Form



    🧰 All this and more can be found here -