• Student Advisory Group (SAG)

    Advisory groups can be beneficial to creating a safe and nurturing school climate. In addition, they help all students, even those who are new to the school, an opportunity to feel like a valued member of the educational community.

    School culture is so important to the educational process. It’s through a positive school culture that we meet the social and emotional needs of our students so they will feel safe and learn. We want our students to leave us feeling that we listened to their needs, and advisory groups is just one of the ways that schools can meet that need.*

    3 representatives for each grade level 3-8 (grades 3-5 will have a representative from each class, they will meet separately from 6-8).

    These students will be selected from an online application process and need a referral from a teacher to be chosen. Topics include:

      • Equity and Equality-Opportunities for all students
      • Systems and how they work/how to make them better
      • Needs in the building & how to get those needs met
        • Playground additions
        • Outdoor classroom creation
        • Building beautification
    • To apply click here: SAG Application

    The Advisory group will meet once a month, on the second Tuesday during lunch times (3-5: 5th hour, 6-8: 6th hour) with Ms. Craddock

    September 13

    October 11

    November 8

    December 13

    January 10

    February 14

    March 14

    April 11

    May 9