• Mayberry is a wonderful cross-section of our community! Our students and staff come from a variety of backgrounds, which truly enriches our learning opportunities as we explore cultures from around our city, state, nation and world!

    The enrollment at Mayberry usually falls between 610-630 students, with around 210 students at each grade level. Grade level Learning Communities are comprised of the CORE teachers (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Special Education). These teachers work together with students and parents to ensure that all students are successful in academic and social endeavors. We seek to provide a well-rounded middle school curriculum to all of our students. Teams of teachers work together to best serve the needs of families who choose to have their students attend Mayberry. Activities such as KSHAA athletics, Minecraft Club, and Drama Theater auditions/practice are provided as well to extend the learning of our students outside the normal school day.

    Mayberry Cultural and Fine Arts Middle Magnet School features a strong, structured academic program with excellent opportunities to explore cultures and the arts. Teachers integrate this theme throughout their instruction, making connections between subject-area content and the arts.

    Outstanding performing arts programs are offered for all students. Mayberry’s music program features excellent instrumental and vocal music classes. Our drama program combines in-class performance opportunities with an after-school drama troupe that is open to all students. Computer studies classes provide a strong foundation for all students, and technology is integrated throughout our school program. Our exploratory offerings are rounded out with great classes in the visual arts, physical education, humanities, and two foreign languages.

    Mayberry students study several cultures, their languages and customs, and either French or Spanish is offered for all students. If students are having trouble in language arts or math, they may be placed in an intervention class (instead of foreign language) to assist them in their academic advancement.