• We're excited about bringing an environmental focus to all of our classes!

  • For several years, our school has been providing students with the opportunity to get outside and interact with the environment. Currently, students are able to help with the school's garden -- this includes tending plants, sustainable farming, and caring for chickens and geese! Students are involved in learning about bees through our beehive and honey production. We also have students managing a rainwater collection system which is used to water the garden.


    Our teachers seek to get students outside whenever possible! It is not uncommon to see students reading or writing outdoors. We are fortunate to have VILS iPads for students, which allow our students to access online content with or without WiFi. We have a wonderful amount of property around our building! This lets our classes spreadout and utilize different areas at the same time.


    We have big dreams about what being an environmental magnet will mean for our students and school! Our Magnet Team, which is made up of teachers, support staff, administrators, and district support, is working on plans for the coming years. We want every student to learn more about caring for the world around them. This will involve academic activities which connect to environmental topics, physical changes to the property (such as native tallgrass prairie grass, outdoor classrooms, etc.),  improvements to the school's ecosystem, and school trips to local organizations/locations which focus on the environment.


    Everything we do as a school centers around what is best for supporting students as they prepare for their futures! Becoming a magnet school allows us to find even more ways to achieve this desire!



    Coleman Environmental Magnet Middle School will be a neighborhood magnet, allowing students who live in the school’s attendance boundaries to attend without having to apply. Students who live outside the attendance boundary can apply to attend the magnet through the regular magnet application process.

garden club students
garden club students
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