• STUCO for MS and ES

  • Please help me in congratulating the following students for their role in student council for this school year!!!  There were several amazing candidates and I wish we could have everyone on the team.  I am looking forward to working with these amazing students.  Huge thank you to all the staff members that helped fill out recommendation forms and encouraged students to apply, all the students that voted in the election, and finally, thank you to the students who were brave enough to apply and run for Stuco.  This is an amazing school with a lot of leaders.

    Mrs. Swedberg

    President- Susan Giang 8th Grade

    Vice President- Jayden Saing 8th Grade

    Secretary- Keira Baker 7th Grade

    Treasurer- Emelie Graciano 8th Grade


    Class Representatives-

    Vivi Nguyen 8th Grade

    Miranda Rhodeman 7th Grade

    Jaiyana Zeno Shepard 7th Grade

    Karley Goertz 6th Grade


    Spirit Team Members-

    Alina Lam 8th Grade

    Jo Sims 8th Grade

    Talia Tafolla-Wilcox 8th Grade

    Teresa Ho 8th Grade

    Ryder Nguyen 6th Grade

    Derek Souphanh 8th Grade


    Service Team Members-

    Isabella Ellison 8th Grade

    Jordynn Foster 6th Grade

    Amori Bell 6th Grade

    Sara Hernandez 8th Grade

    Mylee Lara 8th Grade