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  • At the March 4, 2024 Board of Education meeting, a recommendation was presented to close six schools at the end of the 23-24 school year in an effort to cut a minimum of $16 million in Phase 2 budget reductions. The BOE approved the recommendation 5-2 to close the following schools at the end of the current school year. The six schools are:

    • Clark Elementary
    • Cleaveland Traditional College and Career Readiness Magnet Elementary 
    • Park Elementary
    • Payne Elementary
    • Hadley Middle School
    • Jardine STEM and Career Explorations Academy Magnet Middle School

    Additionally, the BOE approved boundaries to confirm the new neighborhood schools for families impacted by the school closing decision.


    Read the March 4 BOE presentation on budget and the building closure proposal


    Read the March 4 BOE presentation on boundary changes following adoption of the building closure proposal


    Watch the March 4 BOE presentation (Part 1)

    Watch the March 4 BOE presentation (Part 2)

    There are many factors that were considered for this plan, including building FCI (Facility Condition Index) scores, utilization rate, enrollment, inability to keep up with system replacement and major repair needs, and more. 

    No current employee is expected to lose his or her employment with the result of this process. Our priority is to put people over places. 

    The plan to close schools solves some immediate needs including filling vacancies, focuses resources in fewer buildings, reduces the repairs and maintenance backlog, better utilizes remaining buildings and reduces expenditures to balance the budget. The plan also supports our long-term planning to envision what district facilities could be in the future, respond to community needs and support future-ready schools. 


    • March 4, 6pm - Board of Education vote on proposed school closure, North High School (1437 Rochester)
    • March 19, 4:30-7:30 p.m. - Application workshop for WPS staff
    • March 19 - 20 - Magnet school visitations - call school for appointment - www.usd259.org/magnet
    • March 20, 8:15 - 8:45 a.m. - Elementary magnet school visitations - no appointment needed
    • March 20, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. - Middle magnet school visitations - no appointment needed
    • March 21, 8:15-8:45 a.m. - Elementary school visitations - no appointment needed.
    • March 22 - Elementary and middle school magnet school application deadline - www.usd259.org/magnet
    • April 5 - Magnet selection letters will be sent to families who applied.
    • April 8 - Special transfer request submission deadline
    • April 8 - Intent form due from families, expressing where they want their child to attend next school year 
    • April 12, 9am-4pm - Interview fair for WPS staff
    • Mid April - Letters mailed to parents of students with special program assignments, detailing new program assignment locations (special education, ESOL)

2024-25 Budget Development Challenges


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    2. Email transform24@usd259.net
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    1. Contact your building's Human Resources Specialist directly, and that individual will work with you to get responses to your questions.
    2. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section on this site