Welcome to Parent and Community Support!

  • Wichita Public Schools (WPS) is committed to providing the best education for all children and all means all.  In meeting this goal, it is the district's objective to do so with great customer service.  


    The Office of Parent and Community Support Network is here to assist families and the community with questions, concerns or needs that individuals experience related to a child's education.  We are grateful for the support received from the parents of our students and encourage partnerships between families and educators to achieve what is best for our students.  Nevertheless, sometimes parents and school staff may not agree on a particular issue. The key to settling any problem is clear and honest communication between home and school, which is a vital part of a child's academic success.


    If you have a concern...
    In the interest of arriving at a solution to a situation, it is very important to adhere to the procedures and reporting structures that WPS has in place.


    In most cases, problems can be solved at the school level. Therefore, the first step must be to make an appointment to meet with the teacher or principal to discuss the matter.


    In the unlikely event the principal cannot resolve the problem, the next step is to contact the Parent & Community Support Specialist, Carla Clement at (316) 973-4668 or email: cclement@usd259.net.


    This office was created in 2002 to serve the general public; particularly parents; as an advocate to evaluate and/or mediate school related problems. The Mediator works directly with the Assistant Superintendents of Elementary, Middle and High Schools so if Parent and Community Support Network Office is unable to resolve and the problem persists and all attempts to resolve the problem have failed, you will be directed to contact your school's assigned Assistant Superintendent.


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