Wichita Alternative High School

  • At the Wichita Alternative High School, we personalize learning for all students, enabling them to learn, create, and graduate! Our curriculum supports each student’s goals, needs, and learning style with ongoing support from teachers and advisors.


    We offer:

    • Personalized support while earning required credits
    • Small class sizes
    • Student-paced class completion timelines
    • High expectations with a high degree of success
    • A safe and nurturing environment
    • A faculty with over 300 years of collective teaching experience
    • Tutoring (see the "Students" section for more information)
    • Transportation via First Students Services

    May my student participate in sports?

    Students can participate at their base school as long as they are in good academic standing.

    What are the graduation requirements for a high school student?

    Wichita Alternative High School students must meet the same requirements as students in traditional Wichita high schools. They need 21 credits total and those credits must come from specific curriculum areas.

    Does Wichita Alternative High School enroll students with special education needs?

    If a student has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), the WAHS team will need to review the IEP to determine if the student’s needs can be met.

    Are students involved in state testing?

    Yes, all Wichita Public School students are required to take the state tests.

    How will my child’s progress be monitored?

    Student grades are available on our online curriculum software.

    How will my child benefit from attending Wichita Alternative High School?

    Students who attend receive a great deal of personal attention from teachers and are not tied to standard semester-long timelines.   Credit can be earned as quickly as students complete the requirements.

    What time does school start?

    See the "Bell Schedule" under the "Students" Section

    Apply to be a student at Wichita Alternative
    If you are interested in applying for enrollment at the Wichita Alternative High School, click the link below, fill out all required information, and contact the school after completing the application:
    Student Application