• McLean Elementary is named after Ben F. McLean, a businessman and former mayor of Wichita.

    Ben McLean purchases 464 acres of farmland which is distributed among his descendents upon his death in 1930.

    The city of Wichita re-zones the McLean farmland to be included within the city limits, and taxes increase. Unable to maintain the land, daughter-in-law Elizabeth McLean sells the land for residential development. The communities are named "Benjamin Hills Estates" and the "Benjamin Hills second addition."

    Elizabeth McLean donates land to the Board of Education for the construction of McLean Elementary School.

    The school building is completed in September, and 172 pupils were enrolled in Kindergarten through sixth grade on the opening day. Mr. Eugene W. Kraus served as principal.

    Mrs. Eula Houlton is appointed as principal and serves until 1962.

    Mr. Kenneth G. Gleason becomes the principal. He serves until 1965.

    Mr. Donald Younglund becomes principal for the spring of 1965. Mr. James G. Howell serves as principal for the 1965-66 school year.

    Enrollment reaches its peak of 502 students. Eight portable classrooms were being used to accomodate the students. A gradual decline in enrollment started after this date, finally stabilizing between 300 and 350 students. Mr. Coker Jack Denton serves as principal for the 1966-67 school year.

    Mr. Kenneth M. Wolf becomes the principal and serves until 1977.

    A time capsule is created which will be opened in the year 2000.

    Construction is completed on an addition to the school which provides two new classrooms, a library, kitchen, gymnasium, and music room. Charles F. McAfee was the architect for this construction.

    Mr. Robert Coykendall becomes principal.

    Mr. James C. Davis becomes principal.

    Mr. David Bowman serves as principal for one school year.

    Mr. Paul Spacil becomes principal.

    Mrs. Anne Lassley becomes principal.

    Mclean Elementary becomes a city-wide magnet school by a unanimous vote of the school board. They begin offering a science and technology program with the start of the new school year.

    Mrs. Gloria Martin becomes principal.

    McLean celebrates its 40th Anniversary. An Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site (OWLS Area) was created at the front of the school. The area gives students a place to explore nature right at school.

    Mrs. Candi Spacil serves as principal until 2002.

    Time capsule is opened. Mayor Bob Knight, Superintendent Winston Brooks, and Principal Candi Spacil speak at the event. Current McLean students refill the capsule and put it away until the year 2025.

    Mr. Shawn Springer becomes the principal. He serves until 2005.

    Construction is completed on an addition to the school which provides four new classrooms, and an upgrade to the office, entryway, and kitchen. Prior to this addition, music and art were brought room to room on carts. The construction also added air conditioning to the school and replaced the old boiler.

    Ms. Keli Gustafson becomes principal. She serves until 2012.

    McLean celebrates its 50th Aniversary.

    Ms. Mendie Vicin becomes principal.

    Ms. Cindy Graves becomes principal in August 2014.

    magnet award 2017

    McLean is named a National Magnet School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools.


    McLean wins the National Magnet School of Distinction award for the second time. 

    March 2020

    Students go home for spring break and do not return to learning in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers transitioned to online learning for the rest of the school year.


    Students and staff return to school for the 2020-2021 school year in a very different capacity. Many students remained in online classes throughout the year. 


    The 2021-2022 school year returns to normal in-person learning.