McLean Science/Technology Magnet Elementary School is a place where children of all ability levels, regular and special education, are challenged. Our program is especially geared toward children who have a love for science and technology. The McLean faculty believes that children who are most likely to benefit from our discovery approach program are those who are motivated and willingly cooperate, demonstrating initiative for a hands-on approach to learning. Respecting others and following instructions are very important values at McLean Magnet.

    We offer a fun, challenging and exciting program that involves hands-on experiences. The science processes such as observing, classifying, graphing, estimating, measuring and recording are integrated into all curriculum areas. Parents are encouraged to become actively involvesquid dissection d in the classroom and are expected to serve on committees and participate in special events.


    Science Themes
    McLean teachers integrate science into all subject areas. Daily lessons are taught in the classrooms and extended during small group sessions in the science lab. Primary students explore science through discovery and hands-on activities. Intermediate students work cooperatively to investigate problems they have identified. Our well-equipped science lab is staffed by a full-time certified science teacher.

    At McLean, monthly science themes such as plants, animals, ecology, energy, simple machines, weather, and space are used to teach science processes. Coordinating field trips to the Zoo, Exploration Place, Cosmosphere, and Great Plains Nature Center are also used. Science assemblies and guest speakers also show students real-world science connections. Students look forward to special school-wide science events like the egg drop, science fairs, rocket launches, and wind racer rallies.


    McLean 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to participate in robotics workshops and compete using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Kits. Groups of students learn about programming, construction, testing, and documenting the process. McLean has also taken teams to the Mindstorms Challenge held by the engineering and education departments at Wichita State. Students have earned many awards at these events.robotics


    All Day Kindergarten
    McLean has an all day kindergarten program that enhances each child's developmental needs. Since children attend all day, McLean teachers can easily provide each child with a strong academic foundation that is balanced with age appropriate activities. We feel that this ensures a successful start to each child's elementary school education. All Kindergarten students participate in a multi-sensory, phonics-based reading/writing program.


    McLean's spacious and well-equipped library is enhanced by computerized checkout and access to the online district-wide catalog. The large number of titles challenge McLean's avid readers. Our library teacher helps students develop research and language arts skills. Students participate in Battle of the Books, William Allen White Children's Book Award voting, and Book IT challenges.

national award of merit

    McLean Science and Technology magnet focuses on fostering curiosity about the world through the integration of science and technology to apply learning in our daily lives.


     To become a learning community where:

    • self-discipline, motivation, and excellence are encouraged
    • academic achievement is improved through high expectations
    • research-based best practices are being studied and implemented

    We believe all students can learn because:

    1. The curriculum is:

    • Aligned to district and state standards, instruction, and assessments
    • Based on a strong foundation of basic skills and higher order thinking
    • Challenging for all students

    2. The instruction is:

    • Relevant and useful
    • Creative and engaging
    • Connected to prior knowledge
    • Differentiated to meet every student’s needs
    • Based on multiple strategies and intelligences
    • Challenging, inspiring, and exciting

    3. The learning environment is:

    • One in which students and staff feel safe, emotionally secure, accepted, and connected
    • Inviting, interesting, friendly, and aesthetically pleasing

    4. State, district, and building assessments will be:

    • Used to guide instruction
    • Individualized
    • Formative and summative

    5. All feedback will be:

    • Given in a timely manner
    • Specific, constructive, and meaningful