Titan University 2018
  • What is the College Career Center?


    The South High College Career Center (CCC) is available to ALL Titans (9th-12th Grade) for help with ACT/SAT registration and preparation, college exploration/applications, community service, leadership experience, career exploration, and scholarships. In order to ensure safety and equity in services during the pandemic, students who would like to request CCC help are asked to use the Online Meeting Request.  Also, please visit the Virtual College Career Center for a fun way to connect with CCC information.


    I'm NOT a Senior...How Can the CCC Help Me?

     "The future depends on what you do TODAY."  Having a career or college goal in mind enhances your high school experience and generates more opportunities for you upon graduation.  Let the CCC help you set goals, make a plan, study for relevant tests, and get involved in our school culture/community in order to increase scholarship and employment opportunities!


    I'm a Senior...Now What?

    • Fill out the Online Meeting Request to meet virtually with Ms. Bell.
    • Use Xello on your Rapid Identity account to learn more about what training is required for the career options you are considering.
    • Visit colleges or training programs you are interested in attending (virtual visits will be available).
    • If you are interested in a four-year college and have not yet done so (or if you are unhappy with your score), plan on taking the ACT or SAT.  The CCC provides fee waivers to eligible students, study materials, daily tutoring, and help with the registration process.
    • Apply for any college, private or public, you might want to attend (do not worry about the cost of tuition at this point).  Try to apply for at least three colleges.  If you need to get the application fee to your college waived, please go to the CCC or email Ms. Bell.
    • Apply for any technical programs or apprenticeships in which you are interested.
    • If you are interested in the military, speak to your recruiter and take the ASVAB test.
    • Apply for scholarships at the colleges you applied to as well as outside scholarship for which you qualify.  For help finding and applying for scholarships, contact Ms. Bell.
    • First semester senior year, apply for financial aid (FAFSA).  The application opens October 1st, and you should try to complete the FAFSA by December 1st.  However, you can still submit your FAFSA after the December 1st priority deadline.
    • If you were not able to download your tax information directly into your FAFSA from the IRS, request a tax transcript in case you are selected for verification.  Tax transcipts can be requested online at www.irs.gov or in person at the Wichita IRS office (call 1-844-545-5640 to schedule an appointment).
    • If you do not receive a financial aid offer after filling out your FAFSA, check with the college to confirm they have all of the required documentation.
    • Based on your area of study, future career plans, financial aid and scholarship package, and where you feel you will be most successful, choose a college or technical school.
    • Be aware of deadlines to accept awards and/or to enroll in classes at the college you choose.
    • Turn in housing contracts as soon as possible.  When it comes to dorms, the best rooms go fast.
    • Finally, participate in Freshmen Orientation at your college, and enroll in your classes for the fall semester.

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