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    buff reading


    1. email Mrs. Fry so she knows you are participating, bfry1@usd259.net

    2. go to Destiny Discover; scroll down to see audiobooks and ebooks

    3. read one or more over the summer and write a review for the book.

    4. email the review to Mrs. Fry; at least 3 sentences long.

    5.  all participants receive a prize, and get their name in the drawing for the grand prize!


    Other Summer Reading Challenges (click image for more information)

    wpl reading


    Click the image for the Brooklyn Public Library website.

    For a limited time, teen applicants ages 13-21 can request a free BPL eCard

    by sending an email request to booksunbanned@bklynlibrary.org


    To get to the Library Teams  and Google pages, click one of the links below:

    Library Google Classroom Code:  bacuzfh     Library TEAM:  https://bit.ly/3j3jBMO

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    Click on the logo to check out the ebooks on the Kansas State Library.


    Email bfry1@usd259.net to set up your FREE account!

    (include your first, middle and last name and your birthdate)


     Visit the following to stay up-to-date on the latest library promotions!

    Destiny Discover SE Buff Library home page:  https://destiny.usd259.net/

    Library Google Classroom Code:  bacuzfh

    Library TEAM:  https://bit.ly/3j3jBMO




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Who Are We?

  •  Library Staff:   Mrs. Fry

    Welcome to the Buffalo Library page!  

    This is my 12th year in the Library at Southeast, and my 23rd year with Wichita Public Schools.  I LOVE to read and I want to share that with students.  I think having access to all kinds of information - print, digital, etc. is very important to learning. This year will be the best yet!  So many new ways to access information and reading materials....I can't wait to help students and staff navigate!

    My email:  bfry1@usd259.net