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    Mark you calendar - The BIG READ starts January 9th!

    "Circe" is the community-wide read; USD 259 is promoting "Lavinia" for young adults

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    Photo:  GoodHousekeeping - https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/wellness/advice/g985/achievable-new-year-resolutions/

    Happy New Year!

    Are you a resolution maker? Whether you are, or not, the article cited above has some really great "achievable" goals for 2021.  I was attracted to this article because of the photo - of course I would gravitate toward a bookshelf shaped like 2021... or anything, really!

    I do not usually make official resolutions... I set goals and try not to be too wild with them.  My goals tend to be sectioned into personal/self-help, family, community and work and tend to be more general than specific For instance, weight-loss is a very common resolution that seldom gets realized.  So one of my personal goals is to eat better and exercise more.  Yes, I could put numbers to it...make it more measureable but I have found for my personal mental health, it is better for me to be general.  Mental health is very important every day of the year and I sometimes think we forget that. 

    It may surprise you to learn that I am a sloppy reader.  By that I mean - I am a GREAT, energetic reader during late spring, summer and early fall.  It may be no surprise to you that those are the warmer months and I can easily read in my favorite spot - the hammock in my back yard!  But during the rest of the year, I generally ignore reading unless it is work related (to write book reviews, book orders, etc.).  I also tend to stick to the same genres -- adventures and mysteries.  So one my goals this year is to widen my reading to different topics and genres.  Check out the Library Google Classrom and Teams page for the SE Buff Library Winter Reading Challenge and links to other challenges to help motivate you to read more in 2021!  

    See you soon, Buffs!  

    Mrs. Fry



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    Go to the Library Google Classroom or Teams page for the links!


    Go to the Library Google Classroom or Teams page for the links!



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    Welcome to the Buffalo Library page!  

    This is my 11th year in the library at Southeast, and my 22nd year with Wichita Public Schools.  I LOVE to read and I want to share that with students.  I think having access to all kinds of information - print, digital, etc. is very important to learning. This year will be the best yet!  So many new ways to access information and reading materials....I can't wait to help students and staff navigate!