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    teentober final    celebrating teen writers

    spotlight se hinton S.E. Hinton

    The intensely private S.E. Hinton always loved to read, but was not satisfied with the selection of stories for young adults. As a result, she began drafting The Outsiders as early as age 15 while still in high school. By the time she entered college at age 18, the book was a certified hit, and she was feeling the pressure of newfound fame. As a result, Hinton experienced prolonged writer’s block for two years. Eventually she got back to her work, but The Outsiders remains her most successful story. To date, the book has sold almost 14 million copies, and still moves more than half a million each year.   http://barelyharebooks.com/10-famous-authors-who-started-their-writing-careers-in-their-teens/


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    This is my 11th year in the library at Southeast, and my 22nd year with Wichita Public Schools.  I LOVE to read and I want to share that with students.  I think having access to all kinds of information - print, digital, etc. is very important to learning. This year will be the best yet!  So many new ways to access information and reading materials....I can't wait to help students and staff navigate!