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    Wichita Public Schools vision is to create an environment in which technology is naturally integrated into the teaching, and learning process and the business functions essential to the management of this large urban school district.  Click on the link below to read more about the District Technology Plan.

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Technology Services

  • District Technology Plan

    Our vision, in the Wichita Public Schools, is to create environments in which technology is naturally integrated into the teaching and learning process and the business functions essential to the management of this large urban school district are maintained. We live in an ever-changing world in which technology is an integral part. For students to live successfully in this world, they must be able to use technological tools to communicate, explore and learn. We are responsible for educating them to use these tools proficiently, effectively and ethically.


    The purpose of the Wichita Public Schools’ District Technology Plan is to provide direction and guidance for helping us realize our vision. It serves as a framework for refining our standards and guiding our strategic thinking related to technology. Its philosophical underpinnings reflect our values – cost-effective delivery of technology and staff development services of the highest quality. Because it is a “living document” the District Technology Plan is subject to continuing revision and refining.

    Technology Integration in the Classroom

    Our lives are becoming more and more digital, the same is true for the future career opportunities that await the students in USD 259. This is why Information Services and Technology strives to offer exciting opportunities to deepen learning by creating digital classrooms. We believe that technology integration is at its best when paired with effective instructional strategies. To learn more about how technology is being integrated into your child's classroom click here.

    Staff Trainings

    Information Services and Technology is focused on developing and delivering high-quality training to all district personnel. We provide training to our all staff for many district programs, and work closely with teachers on the integration of technology. To meet the training needs in USD 259 we offer virtual, online, face-to-face, on location, as well as continuing education credits for educators.

    Internet Access & Security

    With the increasing use of technology in our district comes the increased threat of cybercrime.  Wichita Public Schools has appliances and utilities in place to help detect and remediate malware, spam emails and viruses to protect our students, staff and online resources from becoming victims of cyber-attacks.  Users are trained on safe practices for Internet use and how to identify emails that may contain malicious links or attachments.