Retirement Office

  • As a precaution to keep our employees safe and do our part to prevent community spread of COVID-19, the retirement office will not be holding in-person appointments until further notice.


    Please contact Alexis Summers at to receive retirement information or schedule a virtual appointment.

  • Retirement planning assistance is available through the Retirement Office in the Employee Benefits department. Information regarding KPERS retirement options, or information about the WPS Early Retirement program (the "Bridge"), may be obtained through personal meetings, or you may request a retirement estimate.

    Employees planning to retire from USD 259 must contact the Retirement office to ensure all steps for a successful retirement have been taken.

    The Retirement Seminar is now available online. Please click here for more information (Microsoft PowerPoint required).

  • Early Retirement Program (Bridge)


    Employees who are eligible for the Early Retirement Program (Bridge) must meet and sign paperwork with the Retirement Specialist at least 6 months prior to their first bridge payment, per Policy 4069.  If you are unsure of your deadline please review the calendar below or call 973-4590 for additional information.


    Notification Deadline if Bridge payments begin:


    January August
    February September
    March October
    April November
    May December
    June January
    July February
    August March
    September April
    October May
    November June
    December July


    Employees interested in staying on the district health insurance as a retiree should contact Gina Wiedemann, Benefit Specialist, for details. Call 973-4564 or send an email to


  • Retirement Specialist & KPERS Designated Agent
    Alexis Summers
    Business: (316) 973-4590

     Alexis Summers


    Bring your Birth Certificate to any signing appointment! 

  • Social Security Administration

    Do you have questions about your Social Security retirement?

    Visit for instructions on how to apply online for retirement benefits, calculators to determine your benefit and other information about the government retirement system.

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