• Our Mission
    The mission of Wichita Southeast High School is to ensure that all learn to their potential in order to be successful. 

    Our Vision
    • Student and staff behavior will support high levels of learning at all times. 
    • We will provide a continuum of support so that all students from the most challenged to the most gifted can excel. 
    • Engaging, authentic learning opportunities will support high student achievement. 
    • We will also maintain a high level of trust between all stakeholders.
    Guidelines for Success
     Be ready. Think ahead.
     Treat everyone with dignity.
     Do the right thing.
     Never give up.
     Go above and beyond.
    Split Face Buffalo
    The Buffalo Code
    Be in the right place at the right time with ID.
    Be respectful of our campus and rules.
    Be appropriate in language and dress.
    Be courteous and respectful to all.
    Be proud to be a Southeast Buffalo.