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    Core Values

    Northeast Magnet High School believes in the following core values. Students, staff and families will know and support these values, which will guide us each day and help us make decisions for the benefit of our students and our school.

    Student Achievement: We value student achievement and make academics our number one priority.

    High Standards: Teachers and students will strive to reach higher, go farther and do more than is expected. We hold each other accountable to do our best.

    Magnet: We believe in the magnet concept of offering a focused, high quality, magnet themed curriculum. NE will offer specialized courses, rich activities, and unique opportunities to strengthen and promote the ART, LAW, and SCIENCE magnet programs.

    Projects: Students will benefit from rigorous and relevant projects based learning experiences, including short term projects done in class and our extended magnet projects program. Projects will use technology, research, data, and have a written component, creating a product, presentation, or performance in a way that allows students to demonstrate 21st Century Skills.

    Respect: At Northeast, we demonstrate respect for each other, understanding that diversity is one of our greatest assets.

    Innovation: At Northeast, teachers and students will continuously look for new and better ways of teaching and learning. NE will lead the district with innovative teaching strategies that result in increased student achievement and success in activities and events.

    Community: At Northeast, we develop positive relationships with students and families. We know each other by name, and we take care of each other. Parents will be involved in school. Every student and teacher will be involved in community service to improve our school and city.­




    Mission Statementlogo


    The mission of Northeast Magnet High School is to provide a four-year program of studies for students who want to focus their education in Science, Visual Arts, or Law/Public Service.  The magnet areas, in conjunction with an academic core, present an interdisciplinary, integrated curriculum, utilizing technology and annual projects to produce a focused, well-rounded education. Our goal is to empower students to engage the world creatively, critically, and responsibly.


    logo School Value and Beliefs
    No school can out perform its own beliefs, expectations, and values.  Listed here are the five power elements of an effective school culture as identified by the NEM faculty and staff.  These elements represent the vision for NEM that supports student achievement. 

    • Students and teachers are here because they want to be.
    • Students and teachers think what they are doing is important.
    • Students and teachers share high standards and a commitment to excellence.
    • Northeast Magnet has clear goals and everyone knows what they are.
    • At NEM, risk taking is not only allowed but encouraged.

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