• Our Middle School team at Gateway is committed to the academic and behavioral success of your child. 

    Our purpose is to help instill within your child the skills to become successful with their behavior and academics when they return to their neighborhood school.  We share a common set of expectations that are reinforced throughout all classes, regardless of subject.  Please see the included sheet for more information on these expectations. 

    In addition to core subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies, your child also has the opportunity to take electives.  Electives at Gateway include: Explorations in Technology, Team Activities, and Physical Education.

    Our calming environment allows us to provide more individualized attention and instruction to our students.   Our class sizes average anywhere from two  to 10 kids, depending on the time of the year.

    Your child’s success is important to us; please help us build a strong bond between school and home.  We have quarterly Parent Teacher Conferences where you can come and meet with your child’s teachers to talk about school.  Join us to talk about your student and a meal! Dates and times are listed on the back of this newsletter.


    Helpful links for students: