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    • Free and Reduced Meal Benefits Application
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    Children need healthy meals to learn. Wichita Public Schools offers healthy meals every school day. Your child may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Your household is expected to pay full price for meals for your student(s) until the application is processed; you will be notified when your application is approved or denied. 
    Please verify that your mailing address is correct at your child’s school so you can be notified. If you wish to be notified electronically, please provide a valid email on your application. If you do not receive a letter within ten business days, contact Nutrition Services.  
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Free and Reduced Meal Benefits

  • It's Not Just For Meals!

  • 1 - What you need to Know BEFORE You Apply

  • 2 - How Do I Apply

  • 3 - Need Help?

  • 4 - What Now?

  • 5 - How Do I Get Reduced-Priced Fees?

  • Annual Parent Letter

  • Eligibility Letter Reprint Requests

  • FAQ'S Free/Reduced Meal Benefit Application

  • FAQ's Titan Parent Portal

  • Foster Child/ren

  • Income Eligibility Guidelines

  • Institutionalized Child/ren

  • Verification


Meal Payments and Meal Accounts

  • Meal Prices

  • Board of Education Policy

  • FAQ's

  • Meal Accounts - Non-Staff Adult

  • Meal Accounts - Student

  • Refund Requests

  • Spending Limits


  • Apply for Free/Reduced Meal Benefits
  • Foster, Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, Institutionalized Child
  • 22-23 Annual Parent Letter
  • 22-23 Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • 22-23 Request Eligibility Letter Reprint
  • Make a Payment on a Student Account
  • 22-23 Meal Prices
  • 22-23 Refund Request
  • 22-23 Request Meal Account for Non-Staff Adult

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    New Support Phone/Email:

    • Call:  1-888-GO4-LINQ (or 888-464-5467)
      • Press Option 2 for TITAN
      • then press 1 for TITAN Family Portal


    Please supply the following:

      • District Name:  Wichita Public Schools
      • City and State
      • First and Last Name of your student(s)
      • Email associated with your account
      • Brief description of the assistance you need


  • this institution is an equal opportunity provider

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