College & Career Center Overview

  • The Southeast College & Career Center provides a variety of college, military, and career planning services, including:


    • Career exploration 
    • College exploration & application 
    • Financial Aid exploration & application 
    • Regular workshops for students and families
    • Coordinating visits from college, career, & military professionals 
    • ACT, ASVAB, & SAT registration help & test preparation
    • Internships/summer program exploration & application
    • Military exploration & connection
    • Assisting with next steps questions and/or concerns


    On this website, you will find a plethora of links related to college, career, and future readiness. Explore each page on the left to learn more information about that particular subject. Every subject and its drop down menu contains valuable information pertaining to the items listed above. 


    You can get help from the CCC or your alpha counselor by clicking the "Get Help" page under "College & Career Center". For fast college and career service, I recommend this to help avoid potentially long wait times in my email inbox. Students can book a virtual/in-person visit to the CCC using the Book your Appointment link in the Contact section.



Contact the CCC

  • College & Career Counselor

    Mrs. Thelma Manley


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    All Military and College Reps:

    Please email all flyers and book all visits to SEHS using RepVisits. 


     Southeast CCC

    The CCC is located in the Library, office C122D.


    Students can visit the CCC during walk-in hours at lunch and after school.

Office Hours

  • Closed May 27 - July 28, 2022  


    CCC closed daily 

    12:30 - 1:00 pm