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  • School Social Worker: A Link Between Home, School, and Community

    1. What does a School Social Worker do?
      A.   School Social Workers are there to provide support for both teachers/school staff and students in a variety of ways. They are knowledgeable about Special Education laws.
    2. If my child is having problems attending school, can a School Social Worker help?
      A. Yes. They can work with students and families to reduce the barriers that prevent consistent attendance. 
    3. How is a School Social Worker different from a School Psychologist or a Counselor?
      A. We each have different training and background, but we are all here to support the academic success of your child.
    4. Can the School Social Worker see my child individually for emotional reasons?
      A. Sure. Just make a request to talk with a School Social Worker and share some of the concerns and see what their recommendations might be.
    5. Does the School Social Worker know what help is available in the community?
      A. Yes. One of the strengths of School Social Workers is to be knowledgeable about available resources in the community, which may range from clothing assistance to shelter. We could make referrals to other agencies as needed.  
    6. How do I reach my School Social Worker?
      A. Call the main number of your child’s school. Some School Social Workers may have multiple schools, which means they are not at one school for 5 days a week.
    7. Who supervises the School Social Workers?
      A. Principals of their assigned school and the Social Work Services Coordinator.
    8. Are School Social Workers the same as SRS social workers?
      A. No. School Social Workers are employed by the School District whereas SRS social workers are employed by the State of Kansas.
    9. What kind of credentials do the School Social Workers have?
      A. They have Masters’ Degree in Social Work and some of them have a clinical emphasis in their training. They are licensed by the Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board.


Mission Statement

  • School Social Workers are the link between home, school and community.

    As members of the educational team comprised of teachers, administrators, pupil services staff and parents, School Social Workers promote and support students’ academic and social issues by providing specialized services.

    In USD 259, we value children as individual persons and as the future of our diverse society.


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