Early Childhood

  • What are the services?
    Early Childhood Special Education services are provided to children who are found eligible and who demonstrate developmental delays.  These services are for children ages three through five.  They are designed to meet the needs of pre-kindergarten students who experience significant delays in the following developmental areas:  cognitive, social-emotional, adaptive behavior, motor, or communication.
    Wichita Public Schools serves the majority of its pre-kindergarten special education students through the Pre-Kindergarten Developmental Delay (PK-DD) program.

    Where are these services located?
    Once a child has been identified as a special education student who is in need of Developmental Delay services, the child is assigned to a school.  PK-DD services are located
    at 46 of the district's elementary schools.  These services are designed to provide educational benefits while providing typical pre-kindergarten opportunities to the maximum extent possible.
    The majority of our PK-DD students are served in our neighborhood schools. 

    What if my child’s unique needs cannot be met in a regular PK-DD classroom?

    Some children need a more specialized environment. Wichita Public Schools offers specialized classrooms for students with significant special education needs. These classrooms can appropriately serve students who require a structured learning environment or have significant health and medical needs. All services are guided by your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP).

    What if I still have questions or think my child may qualify?

    If you have questions or believe your child may qualify for one of the district’s Early Childhood Special Education classrooms, please contact Shannon Benoit by phone at 866-8043 or via email at sbenoit@usd259.net