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  • The Law and Public Service Program is designed for students interested in careers in law, military, firefighter, EMT and other public service careers. Students are introduced to legal and judicial issues, crime and fire investigations, forensic science, and issues related to local state and national government. All students complete a magnet project each year and have the option to participate in Mock Trial competitions.
    There are three tracks in the Law Magnet: Law, Public Service and Marine JROTC.


    To earn an NEM Law/Public Service Magnet Certificate students complete:

    • At least 5 law credits.
    • Earn a 'C' or better in all law classes.
    • Four annual law projects completed at a 'C' or better.
    • 100 hours of community service
    • 25 total credits with a GPA of 2.5 or better.​​

    Special Activities

    The Law/Public Service Magnet provides students with a variety of opportunities to connect to the specific area of student interest within the community. Judges, lawyers, social workers, probation officers, as well as community leaders, politicians, and elected officials address classes or are visited by students. Student-to-professional contact is essential in the Law/Public Service Magnet Program.

    Mock Trials provide students with a clear understanding of courtroom procedure. The team also provides students the opportunity to argue cases and topics while learning critical thinking skills and research.

    logo Community Volunteering and Partnerships
    All students are expected to complete a minimum of 100 hours of individual community service by the end of their senior year as well as participate in class and school volunteer projects. Volunteer partnerships are strong with United Way, Salvation Army, RiverFest, Food Bank, and the City of Wichita. Law/Public Service students were honored with the JC Penney Spirit of the Community Award for outstanding volunteer effort.

    Northeast Law/Public Service Program has unique partnerships with the Wichita Fire Department, Wichita Police Department, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department, District Court Judge, Wichita Bar Association, and many other community agencies.