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    Read each column below and see which column best describes you.

  •  The Law Magnet is for students... 


    1. Considering a career in the Law or Public Service field.
    NEM has an excellent pre-college program for students wanting to major in PRE-LAW, FIREFIGHTEREMT in college or join the MILITARY.

    2. That find investigative careers fascinating. 
    Successful Law Magnet students LOVE LEGAL and JUDICIAL ISSUES, CRIME and FIRE investigations, FORENSIC science, and issues related to local state, and national GOVERNMENT


    3. That want an academically challenging high school experience
    While many of the classes at NEM are not labeled 'HONORS' our advanced Junior and Senior classes are indeed at that level and should be expected to be COLLEGE-PREP.

    If you agreed with everything above you have the...

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  • The Law Magnet is NOT for students...


    1. That do not like to give their time to others.
    Law magnet students are expected to complete 100 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE by the time they graduate.


    2. Wanting to be at a 'safe' school or someone that doesn't want to go to their base school!
    ​While you are at NEM you are expected to COMPLETE the curriculum in the magnet area you select. 

    Students that do not like Law will NOT be successful!!!


    3. That are not willing to give 110%. 
    If you're not willing to try, think outside the box and are EAGER TO LEARN, then NEM may not be the school for you.

    If you agreed with anything above you may want to...


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  • Please call 316.973.2301 to speak with our principal if you have questions or concerns if NEM is right for you.