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    The Wichita Public Schools strives to maintain a positive, purposeful, and active relationship with the families of its students and with the wider community in which it operates. We do this by working with community agencies, businesses, congregations, and other groups to build the community support vital to the success of our schools. There are three ways you can get involved, which are outlined below.



    Volunteering is fun, flexible and makes a profound difference in the lives of our youth. One hour a week is all it takes to make a lasting impact! 

    Mentors are proof that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Mentors make a difference in the lives of young people throughout Wichita, by simply spending time with students in schools.  
    A partner relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship between a school or school district and a business or community group. Partner activities create a spirit of involvement and concern for public education, which is vital to success of both education and the business community. 

    Become a Wichita Public Schools volunteer, mentor, or partner today by calling Strategic Communications at 973-4515.


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    Volunteer training is offered throughout the school year, contact us to learn more!