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WPS will have new secondary math curriculum next year

WPS will have new secondary math curriculum next year

Hamilton math lesson Secondary core math instruction will be transformed starting next year. The Board of Education approved implementation of the Carnegie Learning curriculum. The curriculum addresses core middle school instruction and Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2, while also aligning with the elementary math curriculum.

“We really needed our math curriculum to be aligned Pre-K through 12th grade, and this curriculum addresses our needs as well as align with the state standards,” said Tiffinie Irving, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services.

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The curriculum uses “consumable” textbooks, which are a combination of a textbook and a workbook, allowing students to write in their books and remove pages for their lessons. In addition to textbooks, there are online components to engage students and to track their progress, allowing them to do additional learning at home. There are online resources for parents who want to help with homework. There is an online component for teachers to research and develop lessons collaboratively with other teachers across the country who use Carnegie Learning.

“The teachers share ideas of what works and what doesn’t or how to reach students who may be struggling. It’s a huge benefit for our teachers,” Irving said.

“I really like it. It is tied to the standards and it’s rigorous,” said Melinda Mutuku, math teacher at Hamilton Middle School, who helped pilot the curriculum. “I don’t have to use other textbooks for certain lessons. All of the materials are in one place.”

Selected math teachers from middle and high schools tested different math curriculum options to see which one they preferred. Irving said about 90% of the teachers who piloted the curriculum recommended Carnegie Learning. Focus groups of parents, administrators, math teachers and department chairs also preferred Carnegie Learning.

A brief introduction about the curriculum can be found here.

Secondary teachers will begin professional development on the new curriculum on April 17. Irving said information will be shared with parents to help them understand what the curriculum looks like and how to use the resources available.