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High School students receive CTE Pathway Awards

High School students receive CTE Pathway Awards

CTE Awards Seventeen high school students were recently honored with the Career and Technical Education Pathway Awards. The students were selected by school staff in different CTE areas for their leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, academic performance, character, work ethic and how they represent their school. 

The student recipients are: 

  • Blaise Mayes, West – AV Communications, AV Strand
  • Kadyn Kingsland, South – AV Communications, Communications Strand
  • Cathy Nguyen, South – Business Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Ivette Martinez-Jimenez, West – Business Finance
  • Trevor Hoheisel, East – Construction and Design
  • Maria Ibarra, East – Early Childhood Development and Services
  • Kalen Patterson, Northwest – Emergency and Fire Management Services
  • Sydney Mansaw, Northeast – Engineering and Applied Mathematics
  • Madeline Hoang, East – Fashion, Apparel and Interior Design
  • Alezaundria Robinson, West – Health Science
  • Robyn Godsy, South – Law Enforcement
  • Blade Dalmont, West – Manufacturing
  • Noah Thompson, South – Mobile Equipment Maintenance – Auto Collison Strand
  • Jace Candy, Southeast – Plant Systems
  • Kayla Barnes, Heights – Restaurant and Event Management
  • Pedro Siztos, West – Teaching/Training
  • Henry Brinckerhoff, Heights – Web and Digital Communications

The students were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on February 11.