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WPS high school students join forces to help fight COVID-19

WPS high school students join forces ​to help fight COVID-19

ICT Beats the Virus PPE kits Wichita Public Schools high school students in the Student Leadership program met before winter break to brainstorm and develop a plan for the Kansas Leadership Center’s “KS Beats the Virus” Initiative, a public health partnership with the State of Kansas. 

After exchanging ideas and experiences, students from South, Southeast, Northwest and Northeast High School decided to create the “ICT beats the Virus” campaign to fight misinformation in social networks and to provide fact-based information on the pandemic in not only English, but Spanish and Vietnamese as well. 

The group has also created and distributed care kits with personal protective equipment for homeless WPS students and families in the district’s McKinney-Vento program. The kits contain water bottles, soap bottles, sanitizing gel, sanitizing wipes, a small stuffed animal, snacks, tea, disposable face masks and tissues. 

Future plans include printing and distributing infographics created to combat COVID-19-related misinformation in the community. 

The students applied for a grant from the Kansas Leadership Center to purchase the supplies needed to assemble their care kits.