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Senior Spotlight — Tatiana Mireles-Arnett, Education Imagine Academy

Senior Spotlight — Tatiana Mireles-Arnett 

Education Imagine Academy senior Tatiana Mireles-Arnett Tatiana Mireles-Arnett will be graduating high school thanks to the support she’s received from Education Imagine Academy, the district’s virtual school.

Mireles-Arnett began her high school career at North High School but started having trouble attending school due to family issues.

She knew she wanted to graduate high school and began taking classes in the district’s virtual school during her sophomore year. The year started off great, but her mother passed away and then the pandemic occurred.

Despite those challenges, Mireles-Arnett worked hard to get back on track thanks to the encouragement of her teachers.

In February 2021, she gave birth to a baby girl, Talia. She stayed diligent with her classes and will be graduating with plans to attend college.

“It was always important to my mother for me to go to college and succeed in life,” Mireles-Arnett said.

She plans to attend Wichita State where she will study aeronautical engineering.

“My grandmother is a very accomplished engineer who works for Boeing in Seattle,” said Mireles-Arnett said. “I want to become an engineer for Boeing or Spirit. I’m also interested in being a doctor or an ultrasound technician.”

Mireles-Arnett is appreciative of the support she’s received from the Education Imagine Academy teachers and staff.

“My favorite teacher was Laura (Kilgour), the math teacher. She was very supportive and if I needed help with anything, she was there for me,” said Mireles-Arnett said. “Briana (Renich), the counselor, was great as well. She helped me navigate where I’ll be going when I graduate.”

When she looks back on what she’s accomplished, she thinks of her mother.

“I know my mom would be proud of me,” Mireles-Arnett said.