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Treatment of Sport Officials

Officially Human and Triple Crown Sports have joined forces to produce the following video (below), designed to bring awareness to the declining numbers of sports officials (here and abroad) and the inevitable damage being done to the youth sporting experience when there aren’t enough officials to call the game. 

Day after day, another story emerges about the poor treatment of our officials, with parents, coaches and players displaying a shocking level of disrespect and unkindness. We urge you to watch and share the video, featuring many notable voices in multiple sports (Gene Steratore, Rico Phillips, Bo Boroski, Penny Davis, Brian Barlow, and more), and do your part in helping us rebuild our roster of sports officials.

Based in Lombard, IL., Officially Human was founded to restore respect to, and positive treatment of, sport officials through increased education and communication to all stakeholders (administrators, coaches, athletes, and fans.) Founded in 2019, Officially Human is the leader in addressing the growing crisis in officiating that touches every sport, official, and level of competition. Officially Human offers tailored solutions to athletic host organizations of all sizes that improve the stakeholder experience at each of their sporting competitions. The comprehensive solutions package includes digital education, awareness building, event host communication strategies, and organizational support in addressing poor fan behavior. Learn more here: Officially Human

To help address the shortage of youth sports officials, Triple Crown has also launched the Protect The Game initiative. Protect The Game is a program designed to provide opportunities for US military veterans to become officials in youth sports — it’s a powerful way for vets to move into a civilian role, while helping boost the numbers of qualified officials. Learn more here: Protect the Game.

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