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East High college application campaign wins national award

East High college application campaign wins national award

Claudia Cooper, Cammie Kennedy and Sara Richardson post with ACAC awardEast High has been named a 2021 School of Excellence award winner by the American College Application Campaign (ACAC), a national effort to increase the number of first-generation college students and students from low-income families pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential.

Award winners were selected based on their demonstrated commitment to student success and for serving as an exemplary model for their state’s college application campaign.

East High was recognized for their Apply Kansas event, which encouraged all seniors to fill out a college application, regardless of ability or eligibility. More than 30 colleges, technical schools and military recruiters offered an opportunity for students to visit with them and apply to their programs at the Oct. 20 event.

The event waived application fees, making applying for college even more accessible for the school’s more than 400 seniors. Students were also offered help in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

East High was nominated for the award by the Kansas Board of Regents to represent the state.

“I’m most proud of the school-wide participation,” said Cammie Kennedy, a former director of admissions at the University of Colorado and at Newman University who now serves as the College and Career Coordinator at East High. “To see my administrators, faculty and students all working together toward one goal was inspiring to me as a new employee.”

Kennedy has plans to expand her efforts next year to offer even more opportunities for students and families to get one-on-one help in applying to colleges and post-secondary training opportunities as well as helping to educate families on how to apply for financial assistance.

“I want every student here to know that they can be successful after they graduate,” said Kennedy. “I want to show them that there are many opportunities available to them and help them take advantage of them.”


Posted on April 20, 2022