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Senior Spotlight - Vivian Chau, East High School

East High senior Vivian ChauVivian Chau, senior at East High School, has achieved a lot, despite facing some unexpected twists along the way.

Vivian was born in Alabama, but she ended up in Wichita because of a funny mistake. Her mom’s friend invited them to move out of Alabama, but her mom thought she heard Kansas and moved them to the Sunflower State instead.  

In high school, she became a student ambassador, representing East High School, along with helping her peers with things like the college application process.

It's a big responsibility, but Vivian sees it as a learning experience.

“Being a student ambassador has giving me a lot of opportunities and it has pushed me out of my comfort zone,” said Vivian.

She’s also involved in AVID and plays the violin in orchestra.

She received the Jabara scholarship, the Credit Union of America scholarship through the LEAP program, and the Rudd scholarship, which is a full ride to attend Wichita State University. 

Vivian wants to study business and accounting. She's also thinking about getting her MBA someday and becoming an entrepreneur. She loves the idea of starting her own business and making a difference in the world.

Vivian had some amazing teachers who helped her along the way. Mr. Rogers, her history teacher, was one of them. He gave her advice and encouragement and helped her prepare for interviews when she was applying for scholarships.

For all the new kids starting high school, Vivian has some advice: join clubs and try new things. Take new opportunities and challenge yourself.

Watch Vivian’s Senior Spotlight video.