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On Tuesday, September 8, we begin the East High 2020-2021 School Year with a Blue Day!

Tuesday 09/08 (Blue Day)  - Hours 1, 2, 8 (Ace Time) 3, and 7

Every student will be learning remotely (regardless if you have enrolled in My School Remote or Face To Face).  Every student is expected to be logged into their classes for the whole school day and following the Bell Schedule.

View Bell Schedule >>

Students will receive invites through Microsoft Teams for each of their classes each day.  When in Microsoft Teams, you should use the Calendar icon (on the left side of the screen), the calendar should be populated with the class meetings set up by each teacher; you can “click “to join.

The following is the first week’s schedule:
Tuesday 09/08 (Blue Day)  - Hours 1, 2, 8 (Ace Time) 3, and 7.
Wednesday 09/09 (White Day) - Hours 4, 5, 8 (Ace Time) 6, and 7.
Thursday 09/10 (Blue Day) - Hours 1, 2, 8 (Ace Time) 3, and 7.
Friday (09/11 (White Day) - Hours 4, 5, 8 (Ace Time) 6, and 7.

Students will attend Lunch Based on their Ace Time Teacher (Ace Time Teachers will let their students know which lunch they have if a student is not sure where their teachers are located).

  • All Classes & Teachers in the East Building & Science Building Have 1st Lunch.
  • All Classes & Teachers in the West, Center, Gym & B Building have 2nd Lunch.

View the Blue and White Schedule >>


  • Microsoft Teams is the learning platform for all Wichita Public School students and families. You will log into Teams to attend classes virtually.
  • If you have a district device sign into Microsoft Teams using the Teams icon on your desktop.
  • If you are using your own personal device please go to to sign into the RapidID portal with your district e-mail address and password.  Once you sign into the RapidID portal, click on Teams where you will again sign in with your ID in an e-mail format (

View Teams and Student Login Information >>

📧Office 365 and Student Email
Students will have their own email this year. They will access Outlook email through

Visit here for more information —>

Password Issues

  • Please call 973-7190 or 973-7290 for password issues (English). 
  • Por favor llame a 973-7250 para cambiar su contraseña (español).

Other Information:

  • If you were unable to come through deployment last week, please plan to pick up your course materials and a device if you need it on Tuesday at East High from 8:00-11:00.
  • If the school issued T-Mobile internet is not connecting - it does take 48-72 hours to activate.
  • If a student has a hole in their schedule or are not sure of their classes, please call 973-7236.
  • If a student is going to miss school for any reason, a parent must still contact the school for attendance (973-7207).

We look forward to seeing you all remotely!